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Investor Army Podcast

Jan 18, 2018

Scott Carson is a CEO of We Close Notes; Texas-based real estate investment company that focuses on buying pools of distressed assets on residential and commercial properties direct from banks and hedge funds. He is also a featured speaker and educator at dozens of investment clubs and real estate workshops across the country. Scott has been in the mortgage, finance, and banking industry since 2001 and an active real estate investor since 2002. He has been actively buying notes on residential and commercial properties since 2005 and that is the topic of today’s show.
Scott is really knowledgeable in this area of the business, so listen carefully and make sure to implement some of the strategies that he talks about!

We Close Notes -


Show Notes:

00:00 – 01:36 Introduction

01:36 – 03:32 How Scott started working with non-performing notes?

03:32 – 06:11 Performing vs. Non-performing notes

06:11 – 08:15 Scotts funding and exit strategies

08:15 – 13:25 Working with banks  

13:25 – 14:47 How to get the lists?

14:47 – 15:45 Making an offer

15:45 – 17:55 How to maintain properties?

17:55 – 19:58 Scotts predictions for the market

19:58 – 22:17 How to work with Scott

22:17 – 24:40 We Close Notes

24:40 – 28:25 Social media marketing

28:25 – 29:47 The Note Closers Show